“The kiosk was a highlight at our reception. Paula matched my theme perfectly. It was gorgeous, personally meaningful, and easy for everyone to use (even older relatives). I loved that family overseas could add their stories to our private gallery. This was truly unique and worry-free for me. Thanks, Paula!”



“We were going to go with a photo booth, but then we heard about this video kiosk. The kiosk was beautiful and we treasure the lively video stories from our guests. An added plus is we got an elegant lounge area with the kiosk. It was a beautiful space! I absolutely recommend Share the Joy! Kiosk. Paula goes above and beyond and you won’t be disappointed!”



I couldn’t be happier with the Share the Joy Kiosk. We rented it for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and it was so much better than a photo booth. First of all it matched my daughter’s theme (hippie chic) and the video stories were fun and engaging (my daughter has them all linked to her Facebook now). We also did the green screen backgrounds and Paula worked closely with us so we would get exactly what we wanted. She had a great way of posing the kids and she was vibrant and fun to be around. Frankly, she was better than our party planner!

Linda (mother of Shira)