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Green Screen!

Transport yourself to the moon, fearlessly ride a T-rex, hug your favorite celeb, fly over a rainbow on a unicorn, or “travel” to some romantic, exotic locale for your wedding.

We are now offering green screen/chromakey at our events! We take fabulous snapshots of your guests and insert them into a variety of really cool backgrounds. This is so fun at Mitzvahs, children’s birthday parties, weddings and community events, too! It adds an element of playfulness to any celebration.


Share the Joy! Green Screen Rental Includes:

  • Access to cutting-edge green screen software and lighting
  • Photographer
  • Unlimited sessions in front of the screen (2 hour rental)
  • Dozens of beautiful, whimsical and unique-to-us scenes to choose from
  • We work with you to create artfully posed and playful images
  • Choice of 4 x 6 prints with custom event logo and/or sending to social media
  • Option: upgrade to include video or animation!

Children’s Parties & Community Events

From baby’s first birthday to her Bat Mitzvah to her 18th, our green screen backgrounds can’t be beaten! We specialize in playful, unique-to-us backgrounds (with your child artfully posed) that will have you howling with delight and staring in disbelief (in a good way!)


How Did You Do That?

You see green screen in the movies and in your local weather forecast. We use special software to make ours. Green screen uses multiple images (or videos) to create a composite image and/or animation. If you take a photo with a blue or green backdrop you then make that color transparent, replacing it with any other video clip, graphic or still image. With green screen, you can superimpose anything or anyone into any shot. So you can just as easily ride a dinosaur as you can surf a giant Hawaiian wave. Add animation and it is EXTRA COOL! 🙂

Here’s how I made this final image…First, the little boy is riding a unicorn statue at a local park, we covered it in green so it would disappear and he then appears to be floating. I then make the green transparent so the dinosaur image shows through and the boy appears to be riding it. It takes some design skills and strategic lighting to get this just right! How cool is that?!


Whether it is opulence you desire, vintage glam, going boho chic, or kicking back with whimsical delights, we offer a variety of styles so you will have plenty to choose from!


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