Record wedding, Mitzvah or milestone stories with our custom HD video kiosk. ~ Greater Boston, South Shore, South Coast & Rhode Island


Commemorate your promotion or retirement with a celebration highlighted by your colleagues, friends, and family sharing their video stories. Sit back and let us manage recording and preserving these precious stories. How does it work? To start the process, guests choose questions chosen by you such as “What advice do you have for Alex in his career?” Guests can browse other guests’ stories on the touchscreen installation, and e-mail links to selected stories home. Options to upload to platforms such as Facebook and YouTube extend the celebration through social media communities.

Why rent Share the Joy! Kiosk?

It’s Custom-designed especially for You!

I personally design the high-quality program graphics (in consultation with you) as well as the beautiful housing to harmonize with your décor.

It’s Dynamic and Interactive

This is anything but a static photo experience! You choose the questions and topics you want your guests to talk about. Guests can view other guests video stories and e-mail them to themselves, put themselves in and send a digital postcard, and be a part of a private YouTube gallery you can post to your Facebook, Blog, or Website.

It’s Affordable

We provide a time-tested, museum-quality kiosk at an affordable rental rate. Similar kiosks we have developed are currently in museums internationally and across the United States. Contact us for details.

It Organizes Your Celebration-related Social Media in One Convenient Place

Share the Joy! Kiosk tm organizes all of your guests’ well-wishes, stories, songs, and Aunt Edna’s sage advice in one place. Options include sharing on a private YouTube channel so guests not in attendance can add their stories and you can link it to your Facebook, Blog, or Website, marrying your text and photo Tweets, a live social media wall at your event, and a smartphone package that channels all of your guests’ photos and videos into a private, online, high-resolution gallery!  We also include a keepsake DVD.

You’ll Have Fun, Not Worry or Hassle.

Sit back and be present with your guests, not stuck behind a camera. This time will never come again. Know that chronicling your event is in my caring and capable hands. I have 20 years of award-winning media experience with museums, interactive television, and educational publishers.

Share the Joy! Kiosk Basic Rental Includes:

  • Use of cutting-edge software, hardware, audio and lighting including a flat panel touchscreen
  • Beautiful, custom-made housing for video kiosk
  • Unique program graphics designed in consultation with you
  • Two hours of recording at your event
  • Managed personally by me at your event
  • Keepsake DVD

Optional Premium Features Include:

  • Additional recording time (up to four hours total) at your event
  • Your videos uploaded to a private YouTube channel for future viewing. Guests who cannot attend your event, can contribute to the growing community of stories by adding their own!
  • Create and send a custom digital postcard using your your guests faces!

You may choose to add some of the items from the Platinum Social Media Package a la carte. Please call me for details on pricing. I am happy to put together a package that meets your particular needs! 

Share the Joy! Platinum Social Media Package:

  • Premium kiosk rental for four hours
  • Live, Social Media Attract Wall displays your guests’ up-to-the-minute tweets and real-time photo-feeds!
  • NEW! The Parlour – Choose a parlour (five styles to choose from) to accommodate 4-6 guests waiting to use the kiosk.
  • Smartphone photo and video package to create a private, online, high-resolution gallery of photos and videos taken by your guests.
  • Moderated Skype or Hangouts Session with up to 10 virtual guests
  • Your own Personal YouTube channel so guests not in attendance can add their stories, too!
  • Your guests videos, photos and text Tweets married together for a comprehensive social media experience of your special day!
  • Ability to upload everything to your Facebook or website.



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