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Record and preserve your guests’ well-wishes and stories on our HD video kiosk. We offer more features and more customization than any other video/photo booth!

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Graphics & housing designed especially for you!


Why We’re Unique  

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I always say, no matter what, it is your wedding so by all means do what delights YOU! My litmus test: Make sure that whatever you do you can look back and appreciate it five or ten years from now and not think, “What was I thinking about?!” This is my honest take on trends that have either gotten tired or were just never so phenomenal to begin with.  Avoid these and tie the knot with impeccable class and style!

1. No Matchy, Matchy!

Consider different dresses for your bridesmaids, linked by color or theme. Gone are the days of matching dresses. Continue reading…

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Sure, a few goofy photos are fun, but are hundreds of images like this really how you want to remember your guests at your wedding? We offer memorable, dynamic video stories that are a healthy mix of fun, playful AND heart-felt. You don’t need to compromise on your special day! Couples have NO REGRETS about choosing our custom video kiosk over any of the leading photobooths. Continue reading…

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Mozi photography has captured this lovely moment beautifully.

Come and visit my Pinterest gallery to see some of my favorite first-look wedding photos. The best ones look natural and capture authentic emotion. Please avoid the dreaded blindfolded shot. Holding hands behind a semi-opened door (see above) or back-to-back poses work much better.

I have many carefully curated wedding-related galleries for every type of wedding from vintage to classically romantic to steampunk. Come check out my boards!

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Your party will be the talk of the town with these cool (and easy) tricks! Since uplighting to get that night club vibe is still very popular for Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties, we offer up the modest glow stick to either compliment your lighting or to offer a judicious touch of club chic flair. A few areas you might consider using glow sticks: at your candy or dessert bar and at your beverage bar.

You Spin Me Right Round…

If your venue has a ceiling fan, try this. It looks really cool, but is super easy to do!

How to: Securely attach glow sticks in colors that coordinate with your party’s theme to the fan’s “arms.” It’s reminiscent of Saturn’s rings!

How to: Get yourself spinning with these cool LED hula hoops.

Continue reading…

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Unless you are in an architecturally-beautiful structure, or one where the ceiling melts into the background, remember to adorn the ceiling so your Horah Dance photos and videos will be lovely and not something you look back on with regret. Here are some of my favorite ideas (ranging from elegant to whimsical) for picture-perfect Horah Dance photos for your mitzvah or wedding! Continue reading…

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Share the Joy! Green Screen is Designed to Delight!

Whether it is opulence you desire, vintage glam, going boho chic, or kicking back with whimsical delights, we offer a variety of styles with our green screen technology so you will have plenty to choose from! We specialize in unique-to-us backgrounds and expertly and playfully pose you and your guests so you will be delighted with your photos. Continue reading…

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Share the Joy! Platinum Social Media Package gives you trouble-free access to powerful social media tools. I schedule, set up, and moderate so you have no worries!

Click on each image for more details…

Continue reading…

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Huffington Post – Posted: 08/22/2014 11:40 am EDT By Stefania Sainato Bridal Guide

3. Photo Booths
There are certain wedding reception elements that we see over and over again, and the classic photo booth is definitely one of them. Sara Traikoff from The Addison tells us that while the idea behind the fad is sound — providing an activity for loved ones while also capturing candid memories — “there are loads of fun new ways to surprise guests without forfeiting the fun.” One of our favorite alternatives is a video booth. “Instead of still shots, guests are captured on video where so much more can be accomplished… Continue reading…

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From flower crowns to Old World opulence and 30’s-inspired glamour, to tulle and caplets and food trucks for midnight snacking, to lightscaping and high-tech receptions, we know what’s hot for 2015. You’ll be seeing shades of grey, blue and mint. Browse our gallery for inspiration!

Peruse Your Wedding Style! for Share the Joy! Kiosk sample screenshots to match your uniquely beautiful décor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Share the Joy! Kiosk is a touchscreen program perfectly suited to recording life’s celebrations and milestones. Record video stories on our Kiosk (you choose the questions and the focus) and I design custom graphics and housing to match your décor. Upload everything to social media! Learn more.

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I’ll be adding new inspiration boards weekly daily! 🙂 of all top 10 Pantone 2015 spring colors! Check back often. 


Lavender Herb & Glacier Gray with touches of Woodbine. Jewel-toned vases by, Parlour design by Rachel A Clingen, Lavender Herb tie and grey suit photo by Svetla Vesnaya at Purple Tree Photography, Violet Orchid tie found at Closet Rescue, Lavender Signature cocktail by Jay’s Catering, onion grass votive holder by Brian Orlov, hydrangea and lime centerpiece by Parties for Pennies


Titanium/Woodbine Wedding. Grey suit, Heather, Mr & Mr cake topper by That Gay, Titanium beaded gown on, Silver cake by Over the Top Cakes, Titanium asymmetrical cake by Le Torte di Renato Cake Design, Metallic tablescape found on

Continue reading…


Before the Celebration

Peruse popular themes. Consider your child’s unique personality and hobbies and choose a theme that is meaningful to him or her. Popular themes: Sports, Travel, Hippie Chic, Luxe/Glamour/Fashion, NYC, Best of Boston, Music

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Choose a Vibrant Venue. The sophisticated lounge look is in, complete with LED uplighting and white leather sofas and ottomans in bold, modern geometrics or animal prints. Sparkling chandeliers or funky floor lamps complete the look.

MOCKbike3WHITEFLAT Continue reading…


Share the Joy! Kiosk’s social media wall includes live-feeds including Tweets, photos and video.

More and more couples are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make their weddings even more memorable. Many blogs detail how to use these platforms to plan your event, but here I’ll discuss innovative ways technology can enrich your experience at your celebration…and, perhaps even more importantly, how to utilize technology to keep the experience alive in an inviting social space that continues to grow and thrive long after your event.

Continue reading…


Here’s what’s hot and here’s what’s not. I’m offering up some of the best Bar and Bat Mitzvah tips and trends curated from the Internet and from personal experience.

High-Tech Happenings

I’ve developed award-winning interactive media in museum spaces for 20 years so I know a fair bit about what engages and what doesn’t and, as a social media strategist, I’m also aware of how to manage social media so your simcha is trouble-free and fun. Check out my article, Make Marvelous Mitzvah Memories, to mine some tech gold on how to make technology your friend, not your enemy, including why using an interactive video kiosk such as Share the Joy! Kiosk, versus a static photo booth with the same tired props, is a terrific way to capture dynamic stories at your event, offering the perfect mix of whimsy while also creating meaningful memories.

Continue reading…

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Share the Joy! Kiosk’s Pinterest board is sparkling with crystalline wedding ideas for a cozy and warm winter wedding that showcases silver, gold and all things that gleam.

Record stories on Share the Joy!’s HD video kiosk (you choose the questions and the focus) and I design custom graphics and housing to match your décor. Guests not present can record stories to be displayed at your party! We have more unique features than any other photo/video booth on the market! Learn more.

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Share the Joy! HD video kiosk offers the right mix of silly fun with meaningful stories, greetings and sage advice from your loved ones – things you will remember forever instead of trying to forget those 100 photo booth photos of Aunt Edna in those big glasses, whirly cap and giant plastic lips. Ugh!

Please, please, don’t make the mistake of having a nothing-but-goofy photobooth experience at your milestone event. Here you are at one of the most important moments of your life — and you mark it with countless photos of unrecognizable guests looking like ____________ (fill in the blank). You will regret it when you could do something that offers a healthy mix of fun and memorable experience.

Share the Joy! Kiosk offers a fresh and welcomed alternative! It is custom-designed for YOU— that means the design harmonizes with your décor or theme, whatever that might be, and you get to choose the tone and questions you want to ask your guests, too.

You also get to decide if/how/when you want to share on social media (so your third cousin’s tipsy date doesn’t decide that picture of him _______ing would be hilarious for everyone to see!) We offer you a classy, unique alternative for any event from a vintage baseball wedding, vintage chic one to becoming a bat mitzvah or marking a golden anniversary party to a remembrance celebration for a loved one who has passed. It can be as quirky or as serious as you want it to be. It’s your choice. And, Share the Joy! Kiosk has more features than any other photo/video booth on the market, but is competitively-priced! How can we do that, you ask? Simple – we created the kiosk (most photobooths are run by middle men who factor in their own rental or booth purchase fee when they rent to you) so we can pass the savings on to you! With us, you get more features for less money. With them, you get less features for more money. What makes more sense to you?

Oh, and did we mention we also have a unique tool so guests who can’t attend can record their story or greeting remotely and add it to the story gallery? No one else offers anything like this. We also offer a Platinum Social Media Package with opportunities to do a fifteen minute moderated Facetime with up to 10 guests so they can congratulate you on your special day. This is especially great for families with members on various corners of the globe!

So, if you are looking for clip art and a big black or white box, lots of plastic lips and lots of silly photos, choose a photo booth, but if you want fun combined with meaning, choose us. It’s a no-brainer. Share the Joy! Kiosk – it’s where storytelling meets social media and celebrations.

Call or email for more information. Happy to talk!



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