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Baby’s Birth & Firsts

Your baby grows up so fast! By recording video stories on Share the Joy! Kiosk you won’t miss capturing stories about these precious milestones. Our kiosk is perfect for gathering stories from family and friends so you will have them to treasure forever.

Click on each image for more information.

Before Baby – Renting the kiosk for a baby shower is a fun way to gather stories and advice from your experienced, dearest friends and family who can share their tips on surviving the first few sleepless weeks, parenting ideas, encouragement for nursing, and their wisdom and support.

Baruch Haba! Brucha haba’ah! Record precious stories and best wishes at your Baby Naming Ceremony.

Birthdays – Baby’s First to Her 5th to Her Quinceañera – The kiosk is a wonderful way to chronicle your child’s growth. I customize the kiosk to match your party theme – we do everything…spy parties to princess parties!

First Words/First Stories – Capture some of the amusing and sweet first words of your baby or toddler. You think you’ll never forget them, but you do! Making a video log of your child saying his or her first words is precious. Families also love to tell stories together and to sing lullabies.

Baptism and First Communion – What a lovely way to commemorate your child’s welcome into your church.

Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation & Other Coming of Age Spiritual or Religious Ceremonies – To learn more, check out our Mitzvah page.

Holiday Family Gatherings/Family Reunions – Consider renting the kiosk when everyone is home and gathering together either at a special holiday or a family reunion.

Learn more about how the kiosk works and about renting the kiosk. Contact us for more information and a free consult.

Share the Joy! Kiosk is a touchscreen program perfectly suited to recording life’s celebrations and milestones. Record video stories on our Kiosk (you choose the questions and the focus) and I design custom graphics and housing to match your décor. Upload everything to social media! Learn more.

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