Share the Joy! HD video kiosk offers the right mix of silly fun with meaningful stories, greetings and sage advice from your loved ones – things you will remember forever instead of trying to forget those 100 photo booth photos of Aunt Edna in those big glasses, whirly cap and giant plastic lips. Ugh!

Please, please, don’t make the mistake of having a nothing-but-goofy photobooth experience at your milestone event. Here you are at one of the most important moments of your life — and you mark it with countless photos of unrecognizable guests looking like ____________ (fill in the blank). You will regret it when you could do something that offers a healthy mix of fun and memorable experience.

Share the Joy! Kiosk offers a fresh and welcomed alternative! It is custom-designed for YOU— that means the design harmonizes with your décor or theme, whatever that might be, and you get to choose the tone and questions you want to ask your guests, too.

You also get to decide if/how/when you want to share on social media (so your third cousin’s tipsy date doesn’t decide that picture of him _______ing would be hilarious for everyone to see!) We offer you a classy, unique alternative for any event from a vintage baseball wedding, vintage chic one to becoming a bat mitzvah or marking a golden anniversary party to a remembrance celebration for a loved one who has passed. It can be as quirky or as serious as you want it to be. It’s your choice. And, Share the Joy! Kiosk has more features than any other photo/video booth on the market, but is competitively-priced! How can we do that, you ask? Simple – we created the kiosk (most photobooths are run by middle men who factor in their own rental or booth purchase fee when they rent to you) so we can pass the savings on to you! With us, you get more features for less money. With them, you get less features for more money. What makes more sense to you?

Oh, and did we mention we also have a unique tool so guests who can’t attend can record their story or greeting remotely and add it to the story gallery? No one else offers anything like this. We also offer a Platinum Social Media Package with opportunities to do a fifteen minute moderated Facetime with up to 10 guests so they can congratulate you on your special day. This is especially great for families with members on various corners of the globe!

So, if you are looking for clip art and a big black or white box, lots of plastic lips and lots of silly photos, choose a photo booth, but if you want fun combined with meaning, choose us. It’s a no-brainer. Share the Joy! Kiosk – it’s where storytelling meets social media and celebrations.

Call or email for more information. Happy to talk!