I always say, no matter what, it is your wedding so by all means do what delights YOU! My litmus test: Make sure that whatever you do you can look back and appreciate it five or ten years from now and not think, “What was I thinking about?!” This is my honest take on trends that have either gotten tired or were just never so phenomenal to begin with.  Avoid these and tie the knot with impeccable class and style!

1. No Matchy, Matchy!

Consider different dresses for your bridesmaids, linked by color or theme. Gone are the days of matching dresses.

2. Don’t Be Unrecognizable.

If you plan to get your makeup professionally done, always do a trail run with your makeup artist so you can see the results. I know false eyelashes have made a comeback, but if you normally don’t wear them, please don’t don spiders for your wedding. You should look like you, only a bit more formal, refreshed, wide-eyed. A good makeup artist will highlight your best feature (say your eyes) and let them stand out. A really good makeup job leaves people thinking, “She (or he) really looks gorgeous” not “Look at that green eye shadow!”

3. Don’t Overcontour.

White shimmery formulas and overly dark cheeks and foreheads just scream Contour Addict!  If you want your brows or cheekbones to pop, use a pink champagne (for fair skin tones) or rose gold highlighter (for medium to dark skin tones) — or a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your coloring. Also, look like yourself. Don’t try to have a skinny nose that isn’t yours by nature. I’ve seen too many botched up jobs on nose contouring and, believe me, everyone can see it.

4. (Don’t) Stick a Sock In It.

These just look bizarre. Gone are the days of inflated buns (hopefully!). This year, dainty, sophisticated, natural and low buns are all the rage.

5. Say Goodbye, Photobooths!

Do you really want 1000s of photos of your guests in goofy glasses and plastic lips? Consider a much more meaningful video kiosk where guests can share stories and still goof off a bit, too. Share the Joy! Kiosk offers the perfect balance, capturing stories, even letting guests who can’t attend record remotely! Guests can add themselves to a bouquet of flowers or e-card of your creation. Share the Joy! Kiosk offers more features at competitive prices (because we OWN it and aren’t a franchise, we can pass the savings from having NO overhead onto you!)

6. Keep the Cowboy Boots for the Ranch.

Unless you live in Texas or another place with true cowboy culture, keep the boots for your honeymoon. These only work for downhome, country weddings or barn weddings. Ballet flats are great for dancing if you want comfort.

7. Wean Yourself of Wedding Slideshows.

A few photos or a photo tree are nice, but endless photos can fatigue your guests or leave them standing around like lemmings staring at a screen, neither are good.

8. No Tchotchke Favors.

If you wouldn’t keep it, neither will your guests. Reduce the amount heading to landfills and give favors guests can use up (like sweets or homemade bath products) or keep for an eternity.

9. No Morning After Photos.

These are just tacky, IMHO. No one wants to see you lounging around in bed. If you want to do something for your bride or groom consider a classy boudoir session and select just a few photos for your honey to be kept private.

10. Don’t “Trash the Dress.”

This is just plain wasteful. Donate your dress if you care so little for it. Someone else could enjoy it instead of letting sea salt or mud destroy it.

11. The Tap is Fine, Axe Designer Water Bottles.

No matter how you dress up a water bottle, it is still a plastic water bottle. We should all commit to doing what we need to do to keep our local water potable (like not using fertilizer on the lawn and pesticides in our garden) and keep more plastics out of landfills.

12. No Bobble Head Cake Toppers.

Oh man, these are just ugly. Unless you are a cartoonist or a caricature artist, I don’t see a place for these at any wedding. There are other ways to show who you are as a couple.