Your party will be the talk of the town with these cool (and easy) tricks! Since uplighting to get that night club vibe is still very popular for Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties, we offer up the modest glow stick to either compliment your lighting or to offer a judicious touch of club chic flair. A few areas you might consider using glow sticks: at your candy or dessert bar and at your beverage bar.

You Spin Me Right Round…

If your venue has a ceiling fan, try this. It looks really cool, but is super easy to do!

How to: Securely attach glow sticks in colors that coordinate with your party’s theme to the fan’s “arms.” It’s reminiscent of Saturn’s rings!

How to: Get yourself spinning with these cool LED hula hoops.

Sign Your Name & Make Light Art

Share the Joy! offers fun slow-motion video where you can make really cool shapes in light using glow sticks or LED sticks. You can “write” your name over your candy bar, too!


Cosmic Candy

How to: Put a multi-colored glow stick inside some cotton candy!

How to: Put some glow sticks, LED tea lights and tissue paper inside a clear acetate box to use as a cake or cupcake stand.


Glowing Orbs

(Left) I love this centerpiece idea from Rose Crest Special Events in San Francisco.

How to: Place glow bracelets in a low vase filled with translucent clear or colored marbles, top with a blown up balloon and secure. You can also add an LED tea light to the vase for more light.

(Center) Fab gave us this idea for glowing pool orbs using balloons and LED lights. Pretty for any summer party!

(Right) Rose Crest Events set tables with glow bracelets and necklaces for everyone.


Other Ideas:

  • Uplighting in your theme color(s).
  • LED dance floor
  • Lounge area with illuminated bar tables and/or cubes
  • Adding colored LEDs to the bar area

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