Unless you are in an architecturally-beautiful structure, or one where the ceiling melts into the background, remember to adorn the ceiling so your Horah Dance photos and videos will be lovely and not something you look back on with regret. Here are some of my favorite ideas (ranging from elegant to whimsical) for picture-perfect Horah Dance photos for your mitzvah or wedding!

Easy and Elegant

fairy lights

I’ve seen some lovely ceilings and backdrops done with tulle or sheer curtains, fairy lights and plain paper lanterns. I’ve also seen a combination of fairy lights and globe lights for a vintage feel. One thing to be aware of— make sure whatever light source you choose, that it is muted so it won’t be glaring to look up at. I suggest softening the lights behind tulle or a sheer white or sheer silver curtain. You can also add embellishments that hang down such as silver curling ribbon to catch the light and create a festive atmosphere. I suggest linking the lanterns together and putting in set-and-forget LED battery-operated tea lights for soft light that will last for the duration of your party. If you want to pull in your color scheme, you can swap out the white lanterns with ones in your color(s).

Modern and Artistic

faux chihuly

Blue Dream

This faux glass sculpture might make even Chihuly jealous! This looks impressive, but is actually easy to make. Give yourself plenty of time in advance of your event, and consider recruiting a few friends or family for an evening of creative fun!

Blue Dream

This impressive sculpture was made using melted plastic cups and plates from the dollar store, but you can also use Duralar plastic from the craft store (easier to handle). First, color them with markers or translucent paint in the colors and patterns of your choice. Translucent paint or marker is very important to maintain the glass-like illusion. To make “flowers” cut partial strips (don’t cut all the way down) in the top of some of the glasses and on the plates. Put a few in the oven on 325 degrees and watch them melt (it takes just a few minutes). Take them out and, with oven mitts, continue to gently shape the malleable plastic into an organic, undulating shape of your liking. Another important thing to remember— pierce each piece with a hole so you can attach all the pieces together with clear fishing line to assemble your faux art glass sculpture. For maximum impact, you can integrate this sculpture with your ceiling lighting – light passing through the “glass” looks beautiful!


  • The effect is best when you leave some clear “glass” too.
  • If using the Duralar, be sure to cut an irregular, undulating edge from the square sheet for a pretty effect.
  • Use a Sharpie in a contrasting color to define the edges of your bowl.

I think this Dick Blick video gives the best step-by-step instructions using Duralar and an electric frying pan filled with hot water to mold the plastic (instead of the oven). It also has modifications for doing this with younger children.

Print out a PDF of the lesson plan here.

water bottle chandelier

Heatless Option: If you’d rather avoid heating plastic, this chandelier was made with marker and water bottles simply cut into spirals. Cluster a bunch of these for maximum impact and hang from the ceiling at different heights.

Whimsical, Colorful and Easy Peasy!


twirlsI’m a fan of these incredibly easy “twirls” made from colored poster board. All you need to do is cut a spiral! I like to use several colors in different lengths and with different degrees of spiral for a varied effect. These could be done in primary colors, or you could spray paint poster board in silver or gold for a more elegant effect. You could also add glitter to Mod Podge and paint your poster board first for a shimmering effect. Have fun!


Helium-filled balloons in your colors are an inexpensive way to hide a ceiling. I especially like embellishing them with silver or gold curling ribbon that hangs down into the space.balloons

For an elegant touch, fill clear balloons with glitter and blow them up (being careful not to inhale!) or, better yet, give them a quick squirt with glitter spray and then tie them all together with clear fishing line to make a chandelier.

glitter balloon