photo: The Bride Link

I cringe when I see wedding chairs with giant, opaque bows. I love the sheer softness and subtly of this treatment for aisle-side chairs only.

Get This Look…

Per Chair You Need:

  • sheer, wire-edged blue and white ribbon, about 2 yards each
  • raffia, 1 yard
  • starfish or seashell

Easy How-to:

Evenly line up two equal lengths of blue and white sheer ribbon. Slightly overlap the blue and white ribbons and then wrap around the back of the chair. Tie them on the chair’s side in a loose bow. Take a yard of raffia “rope” and tie (about 1/4 up one end) around a leg of the starfish. Make a knot to form a loop and put the loop over the left side of the chair so the raffia flows down with the ribbons. Use your fingers to loosen it up, if necessary.

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