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11 Ways to Woo Your Valentine (because 10 is so last year)

As this was a popular post last year, we’ve added more of our favorite little touches for Valentine’s Day, including The Downton Daliance, Downton Abbey-inspired Valentines. Perhaps you just got engaged, are a newlywed or are celebrating a milestone in your relationship? Delight your sweetheart with these ideas that show you care (and that you have a healthy sense of humor along with some creative chops). Click on an image for more. Share the Joy! xo Paula

1. The Beguiling Breakfast

Start Valentine’s Day out with heart-shaped eggs, bacon roses (yes), pancakes and luscious strawberries…heart-shaped fruit kabobs dipped in Greek yogurt is fresh and light. Show your latte skill with heart foam!

2. The Puppy Love Postcard

I think I love these more and more each year! The sentiment in these vintage Valentines will amuse your Valentine – send it anonymously by post. 🙂

3. The Downton Daliance: “Oh Yummy!”

Just like Lady Mary, I know you don’t give a fig about rules. Why not have some decadent fun Downton Abbey style? These dying-to-be-Valentines would get the Dowager’s stamp of approval! Cobalt & Dash has some printables of cousin Jenny’s creations.

4. The Chocolate Embrace

Who doesn’t adore chocolate? Keep it coming (in little nibbles) all day long…

5. The Bento Brilliance: Love You! Lunch

I’m a sucker for creative bento boxes and these are so adorable! Pack an unexpected treat for the noon hour. Had to include this cute owl Bento from Dreams, Schemes and Bento Themes. See it here. Also love this Bee Mine bento box over at Eats Amazing. 

6. The Heart’s Desire

String together homemade digital conversation hearts to send a message. Fun! Make them here. brideheart2

7. The Décor d’ Amour

Add some subtle Valentine’s decorating touches to your abode…

8. The Outdoor Adventure

Plan an adventure: snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, dancing? Get out and breathe some fresh air in a beautiful place and move together. Come in from the cold for a nice cuddle.

9. The Sultry Sip

Cocktails and mocktails that will make him or her swoon…

10. The Daring Dinner

Try something a bit different. The cracker spoons are a fun way to present amuse bouche (just a taste to delight or amuse the mouth). I also love the gorgeous purple sweet potatoes paired with an Asian-flavored salmon. I’ve recently discovered the beauty of beets to stain your hummus or Greek yogurt pink. Looks gorgeous!

11. The Delectable Dessert

Finish your evening by sharing a small dessert. The strawberry roses are really fun!

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2 Responses to “11 Ways to Woo Your Valentine”

  1. Isabella

    Great ideas, I love The Chocolate Embrace!! 😉
    Keep up the great work!


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