This is a great idea for a rustic fall centerpiece that is easy to make, but dramatic!


1. Purchase a wooden fence post (as shown). A more cost-effective option is to use a 2 x 4 or a downed branch (please don’t cut down branches).

2. Collect small downed branches with leaves  of oak, maple, sassafras or staghorn or smooth sumac leaves (not poison sumac) or use silk branches from a craft store.

3. Use a drill bit to drill holes in the large post/board/branch, making a hole that is tight enough for the branch to stand up.

4. Spray paint the leafed branches gold or silver.

5. If using the 2 x 4 or post, do a light coat of stain and rub off. If using a branch, give it a coat of matte polyurethane (outside or in well-ventilated area).

6. Let leaves and post dry completely (1 day)

7. Insert leaves into post/board/branch.

8. Enjoy!

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