Share the Joy! Kiosk Damask Dreams

Share the Joy! Kiosk Damask Dreams

Your celebration will pass in the blink of an eye. Share the Joy! Kiosk is a custom, museum-quality touchscreen kiosk that beautifully captures guests recorded video stories.

Why rent Share the Joy! Kiosk?

It’s Custom-designed for You!

I personally design the program graphics (in consultation with you) and the housing to harmonize with and enhance your décor. Options include an elegant parlor/lounge area!

It’s Dynamic and Interactive.

This is anything but a static photo experience! You choose the questions and topics you want your guests to talk about. Guests can view other guests HD video stories and upload to social media, put themselves in a digital postcard, and be a part of a private YouTube gallery you can post to Facebook.

It’s Dependable and Time-tested.

We provide a time-tested, museum-quality kiosk at an affordable rental rate. Similar kiosks are in museums across the US and internationally.

Renting from the Creator Instead of a Middleman Saves You Money.

Most photo and video booths are purchased or rented by the company you rent it from. That cost is factored into their rate so you pay more. Cut out the middleman and rent from the person who created the kiosk to save money and maximize customization!

It Organizes Your Event’s Social Media.

We organize all of your guests’ well-wishes, stories, songs, and Aunt Edna’s sage advice in one convenient place. Options include sharing on a personal YouTube channel so virtual guests can add their stories. A live social media wall chronicles your event, and a smartphone package seamlessly channels all of your guests’ photos and videos into a private, online, high-resolution gallery!  We also include a keepsake DVD.

You’ll Have Fun, Not Worry or Hassle.

Sit back and be present with your guests. This time will never come again. Know that chronicling your event is in my caring and capable hands. I have 20 years of award-winning media development and design experience and I enjoy creative collaborations that make your dreams a reality.

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