10 Alternate Options for Pennies

I’ve talked to many couples who are looking for smart ways to cut corners without sacrificing style and class. I think back to my own wedding and wonder if I could have been a bit more savvy about my dress. I spent nearly $4,000 for dress, veil, shoes, hair piece, etc. Surely, I could have put that money to better use!? Should I have “dissed the dress” and looked for a still-elegant, but simpler option?

Wouldn’t it have been fun to have a dress for temple/church and then two (or even three!) dresses for the reception? I’d rather pour money into a fabulous meal (which I did !) and on a spectacular custom video kiosk (hint, hint), great music and a fabulous cake.

I recently came across these casual wedding-style dresses that are insanely cheap (and maybe cheap in quality, too, I haven’t seen them in person but for practically pennies (and free shipping) you could check them out for low risk). I also can’t vouch if they are child-labor free and for the workers’ wages and conditions. Hmmm, maybe I’m talking myself out of this!

So here is what I’ve recently come across. Please note that I have no affiliation with this company and am not being compensated in any way. I also cannot vouch for their quality (product or service). The lace may be very cheap and the dress could be totally see-through or streetwalkeresque, it could be a TOTAL BUST but I would be very curious to see them up close.

  1. $26.49 for a casual beach wedding dress
  2. $29.06 for another casual 3/4 sleeve v-neck drawstring lace for the boho beach bride?
  3. $26.94 for maxi lace dress for boho beach bride?
  4. $21.75 white lace, sheer open back maxi dress
  5. $26.06 for this lace patchwork white backless maxi
  6. $15.99 for boho maxi in soft browns and pastels for rustic Western wedding?
  7. $24.31 for spaghetti strap flower pattern in ethereal blue
  8. $22.05 for bowknot embellished maxi for the vintage-inspired bride?
  9. $11.72 for the vintage bride with an eye for florals.
  10. $16.87 for skew neckline and flounced backless maxi for the statuesque modern bride?

So, would you consider “dissing the dress” and opting for a simpler option? If you purchase any of these, let me know what the quality is like. Where will you put your wedding dollars? I’d love to know what you think!