A fresh take on the candy buffet…

Candy buffets are all the rage at Mitzvahs. If you are considering one, stand out from the crowd with a novel (and healthier!) version of the traditional candy bar. Here are three of my own (original) favorite ideas! Enjoy. 🙂

Go Brainy

A science/candy lab brings brains to the sugar fest.

Do some chemistry and make candy on the spot (such as cotton candy or rock candy) and have some other science fun with tornado tubes, volcanos, and making glow-in-the-dark “radioactive” goop. Fill plastic test tubes with jelly beans or Skittles and make impressive fruit molecules. An edible “neuron” made from fruit leather doubles as cool décor! Beakers with dry ice make a fun centerpiece. Make sure the mitzvah boy or girl’s name is writ large behind your science/candy lab using the Periodic Table.

Go Healthy

A tropical fruit bar takes center stage.

Gorgeous fruit kebabs are colorful, tasty and healthful, too! Alternate your child’s favorite fruits, choosing lots of colors. Good choices are strawberries, cantaloupe, mandarins, apple, mango, pineapple, blueberries and grapes. Instead of laying them sadly on a platter, stick them into pineapples in a fan pattern for a true WOW! factor. Include gorgeous mini lemon tarts each topped with a colorful kiwi slice (and be sure to invite me!) A cute monkey centerpiece, made entirely of fruit, makes a playful focal point.

Go Socially Responsible

Consider raising money for your Mitzvah Project with delicious chocolate sales that you can feel good about (no child labor – a problem with some of the major chocolate companies). My favorite place is West Bridgewater-based Equal Exchange (also a showroom in Canton). You can wrap this into a candy theme by including chocolates at your party along with opportunities to buy socially-responsible, fairly-traded products or support socially responsible practices.

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