At tea with a girlfriend yesterday, I sipped the essence of roses and apples from fruits that were planted in the gardens at Versailles during the time of Marie-Antoinette. How could I NOT think about cake?!** I have a true fondness for French-inspired wedding cakes! I wonder if it is my great-grandmother’s influence?

Macaron towers and petit fours are lovely, but I consider them adornments to the true pièce de résistance—the spectacular wedding cake! For a traditional French wedding, you can also serve croquembouche but it must be assembled the day of and kept away from humidity so you need complete faith that your baker is well versed in L’Art de la Pâtisserie! I say, “Let them eat cake!” and here are some of my absolute French-inspired favorites! xo Paula

** The story about that infamous quote is apocryphal, but, yes, Marie loved excess and didn’t have much empathy for her poor Subjects so she might have likely said something of the sort!