Dahling, where is my feather boa?

Our new kiosk design is dripping with vintage Hollywood glamour! This design will be right at home in Rosecliff Mansion. We adore custom design, so that means the kiosk can be whatever you imagine!


“Vintage Hollywood Glamour” Share the Joy! Kiosk Design

Tired of cookie-cutter options that include the eyesore in the corner (a.k.a. the soulless black box with the white curtain) that does nothing for your décor and doesn’t allow you to truly customize the experience for your guests? Say hello to Share the Joy! Kiosk where you pick the questions, prompts, and tone and work with me to create a one-of-a-kind design for your wedding!

“Record dynamic stories at your wedding with our video kiosk that allows you to fully customize the experience, express your impeccable sense of style, and upload everything to social media! After all, shouldn’t every aspect of your wedding be artfully-crafted with loving-care and beauty? I strongly believe so.” 

Paula Sincero, Creator & Interactive Designer, Share the Joy! Kiosk

I create original, professional graphics and also showcase the work of artists (no canned clip art!) when I design a look especially for you! I created this kiosk (tried and tested for years in museums world-wide) so there’s no middle man – just a woman in the center who knows her interactive media! You rent directly from the source, me, and ultimately save. I personally attend your wedding and lend a guiding hand when needed (the kiosk design is highly intuitive so it doesn’t intimidate non-techie family and friends who will have no problem using it). Our Platinum Social Media Package even comes with a parlour (6 styles to choose from!) so you get a mini lounge that creates an elegant space for the kiosk. We really want the experience to be wonderful and memorable for you and your guests! Many of you also love the other features like the digital cards you can send (adding your face to a bouquet of flowers) and our live-feed social media wall.

What’s your wedding style? Peruse our gallery of styles. Learn more about renting Share the Joy! Kiosk. Let’s talk.