Marquees are hot, hot, hot. You can purchase marquees with words such as Love and Joy, but you can also DIY your own names or initials for a more personal touch. My suggestion: purchase 3D cardboard letters from the craft store and work from there. I’m making my own JOY! for my Share the Joy! Kiosk’s parlour. Given time constraints, for me it makes more sense to start out with a purchased cardboard letter than to make my own papier mâché letters, but if you are thinking of using yours as home décor after your wedding, you might consider doing the second DIY which really is nice!

I’ve hand-picked these two DIYs especially for you!

Grey likes nesting has a simple yet elegant DIY using purchased cardboard letters. You can see the instructions here.

Evan & Katelyn’s DIY is more involved, but really solid and meant to be a keepsake. You can see the instructions here.

So…put your name(s) in lights and bask in the glow! 🙂

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