Come see us January 25 at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet!

Sunday, January 11, Venus de Milo, Swansea

Brides and grooms recorded their ideas about their dream weddings and their favorite things about GWE on the Share the Joy! kiosk.

Congratulations to Steph who won the elegant cut-crystal wine glasses! A special thanks to Kate for her phenomenal story about her dream wedding snowboarding down Mt. Snow. She and her groom are making this dream a reality! I enjoyed meeting and talking with all of you! I’d love to help make your day extra special. Talk soon. xo Paula


This happy bride’s maid of honor outfitted her with this light up sash. How sweet is that?


Brides and grooms first added their faces to our bridal bouquet before recording their GWE favorites on the kiosk.


Mmmm, our Sparkling Snowballs were a big hit. I was asked, “Are you a baker, too?!” 🙂

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