freebie-fridayWrap premium choco bar favors in this whimsical design!

After seeing their kiosk designs, several of my couples wanted to add a chocolate bar wrap in a design that coordinated with their unique kiosk design. As a result, I’m now offering a free small or large bar wrap design printable that coordinates with your kiosk. I’m providing a few free printables on my blog to give you a little taste…Paula

Click on the text to download PDF. Use Photoshop or other graphics program to add names and date. Feel free to download, Pin, or blog about it, but please link to this page for downloading the graphic (don’t provide the graphic on your site). Please also include the proper credit in your blog or Pin, Share the Joy! Kiosk, with a link back. Thank you and enjoy! 🙂

Share the Joy Whimsical Daisy Wrapper wedding favor from Share the Joy! Kiosk

Share the Joy! Kiosk is a touchscreen program perfectly suited to recording life’s celebrations and milestones. Record video stories on our Kiosk (you choose the questions and the focus) and I design custom graphics and housing to match your décor. Upload everything to social media! Learn more.