I am inspired by London-based artist and designer Lee Broom. She upcycles cut glass decanters to make beautiful pendant lamps. I think a grouping of these would be lovely over a parlor area at your wedding or Mitzvah. They ooze vintage elegance! The process is similar to any DIY lighting system made of Mason Jars and there are many tutorials on the Internet. My personal suggestion, however, is to use a small LED light meant for use inside a paper lantern – you won’t need to wire it and it will be truly portable. Other options are to put battery-operated fairy lights or LED tea lights inside each decanter. This way you won’t have to cut the bottom off the decanter. I think these look great hanging from a twine-like cord, but you could also choose to wrap the cord in golden or silver ribbon.

Share the Joy! Kiosk is a touchscreen program perfectly suited to recording life’s celebrations and milestones. Record video stories on our Kiosk (you choose the questions and the focus) and I design custom graphics and housing to match your décor. Upload everything to social media! Learn more.