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Share the Joy! Kiosk’s social media wall includes live-feeds including Tweets, photos and video.

More and more couples are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make their weddings even more memorable. Many blogs detail how to use these platforms to plan your event, but here I’ll discuss innovative ways technology can enrich your experience at your celebration…and, perhaps even more importantly, how to utilize technology to keep the experience alive in an inviting social space that continues to grow and thrive long after your event.

Before Your Event: Creating a Space…

• Create your own Facebook page, website or blog for everything wedding-related. Besides being a tool for wedding logistics, make it an inviting and interactive space for your guests. Create theme-related games, chat boards and polling so guests can weigh in on wedding details such as color schemes, bridesmaids’ dresses, or music for the reception. Interesting things to do, see, and read on your site will build a more involved social media community and create buzz for your event!

• Create a Personalized Hashtag to designate a “home” for comments related to your wedding and make photos and tweets created by your guests easily searchable. Make sure your hashtag is unique. (Share the Joy! Kiosk provides all of its clients with a digital “cheat sheet” with basic step-by-step guidelines.)

During Your Event: Capturing the Magic of the Moment…

Share the Joy! Platinum Social Media Package gives you access to powerful social media tools. I bring the technical expertise including scheduling, set up, and moderating, so you have no worries and can enjoy your celebration knowing that capturing precious moments for posterity are in my capable and caring hands.

After Your Live Event: Keeping the Magic Alive…

• Let the celebration continue! Share the Joy! Kiosk lets guests e-mail links to video stories home to share with friends and family. Guests can also put themselves in and send a fun digital postcard. Options to upload to platforms such as Facebook and our private YouTube channel extend the celebration through social media communities. Via our private YouTube channel, guests not in attendance can add their stories and become a part of your growing community of stories! A keepsake DVD provides another way to view the stories collected at your event.

• Keep your Facebook or website fresh by adding photos periodically, linking newly-recorded Share the Joy! Kiosk stories, posting a video “trailer,” or by polling your community about “the best dressed” or “best dancer,” at your wedding. Make it a vital and lively place that your friends will want to visit time and time again! You might even want to chronicle some things that have surprised you in your first year of marital bliss. 🙂

Share the Joy! Kiosk is a touchscreen program perfectly suited to recording life’s celebrations and milestones. Record video stories on our Kiosk (you choose the questions and the focus) and I design custom graphics and housing to match your décor. Upload everything to social media! Learn more.



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